3 Ways to Make $500 Per Month That You Can Start Quickly

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Food Delivery

Delivering food is one of the fastest ways you can earn an additional $500 per month since the start up process is quick and relatively simple.  All you need to get started is a valid driver’s license, auto insurance, a car or in some areas a bike and a smartphone.  Filling out the application is very easy and user friendly and from there it can be 1-3 weeks on average and you are good to start your deliveries!  Get started today with Grub Hub and you’ll be making some side hustle money in no time!

The Ride Share Guy says that on average delivery drivers with Grub Hub make $12 – $13 per hour.  To make $500 per month delivering food you need to work about 9 hours per week. 

Grocery Shopper and Delivery

Being a Grocery Shipper is something that has really taken off since the pandemic started early in 2020 as many people are trying to avoid going to grocery stores so the demand is high right now which is good news for you. Shipt is one of the major companies to sign up with and based on some of the reviews you can be hired and start working in as little as a week.  In order to qualify you must be 18 or older, have a valid drivers license and auto insurance, have a reliable vehicle 1997 or newer, knowledge of produce selection and be able to lift 40 lbs.  They advertise that you can make anywhere from $16-$22 per hour and you get to keep 100% of any tips you receive.

This is another great way to earn additional money to pay off debt or achieve your goals faster.  To make $500 per month working for Shipt,  you would need to put in around 30 hours per month which is just over 7 hours per week.

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

For all of you animal lovers out there this is like getting paid for something you love to do!  Companies like Rover give you the option of Pet Sitting or Dog Walking and the set up process relatively quick at 5-10 business days on average.  According to Dollar Sprout, you can typically charge $20-$40 per night for sitting and $20-$30 per walk and of that you keep 80% and the other 20% goes to Rover.  This can add up quickly and is a great way for a pet lover to earn some extra cash.

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