Pro’s and Con’s of Balance Tranfers

Do you feel like you are paying a ton of money each month towards your debt and that the amount you owe never seems to really change?  Credit Card interest can add up quickly since most interest rates are between 15-25% causing you to fall into the Minimum Payment trap which is designed to beContinue reading “Pro’s and Con’s of Balance Tranfers”

Easy Money Mistakes that we must avoid

Not taking advantage of a company 401k match. This is literally free money and if you start young, with time and compound interest you could be throwing away what could one day be 100k+ in your retirement fund.  If you are working for a company that matches, do what ever it takes in order toContinue reading “Easy Money Mistakes that we must avoid”

9 Money Habits for a Fearless Financial Future

Do you feel like you can control your money and make a budget work for you for a month or two only to have an unforeseen event occur that derails everything?  You are not alone, the average person, regardless of their income level is in the same boat.  Creating good money habits is a lotContinue reading “9 Money Habits for a Fearless Financial Future”